General Liability Insurance

Every public entity needs general coverage policies to reduce exposure to lawsuits that can arise from the public and its workforce too.  General Liability insurance for public entities is essential to provide coverage for the unexpected injury claims, property damage, contract liability, and more.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Coverage for all volunteers (whether or not they are members of your organization) and employees while acting on behalf of your organization.
  • “Good Samaritan” liability for your volunteers and employees, should they act on their own to assist someone who needs immediate help.
  • Professional health care liability (often called “medical malpractice” liability) for the acts of all employees or volunteers, regardless of their level of medical training or certification.
  • Operational pollution liability for incidents arising from training activities, equipment washdowns, or off-premises emergency calls.
  • Coverage for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the serving or selling of alcoholic beverages.
  • Liability limits not eroded by the cost to defend you against covered claims.

Salute to Our First Responders!

Salute to our First Responders