Management Liability Insurance

Management liability is a risk mitigation insurance that helps reduce exposure to general management liability claims or employment practice claims.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Covers all volunteers (whether or not they are members of your organization) and employees while acting on behalf of your organization.
    • Other insureds, including your officers, directors, commissioners, and trustees.
    • Your medical director (if any).
    • VFIS coverage is primary for all above insureds, not excess of any personal insurance that may apply.
  • Legal expenses* incurred in defending against a suit seeking non-monetary damages (that is, a plaintiff demands your organization do something or stop doing something).
  • Automatically covers your volunteers or employees who choose to serve on the board of directors of an outside organization as long as that organization:
    • is not-for-profit, and
    • is related to the emergency services.
    • coverage is excess of any other available insurance.
  • Cost to defend you against covered claims will not erode your liability limits.
  • Coverage available on either a Claims Made or Occurrence Basis.
  • Cyber liability and privacy crisis management expense.

Salute to Our First Responders!

Salute to our First Responders